Why DC doesn't need to have a Shared Universe

Yesterday we took a look at Variety's article on the swathe of Superhero shows coming to TV - and how it noted Marvel and DC's different approaches to linking their Live-action ventures together. Whilst the shared cinematic universe have proved a huge boon to Marvel, I don't think DC need to go down the same path. » 9/19/14 3:00pm Yesterday 3:00pm

Get a Marvel figure with your Face - Unless you want a Female hero

3D printing company 3DPlusMe has partnered with Hasbro and Marvel to offer action figures of popular Marvel heroes with your own face printed on them at Walmart. It's a great idea for young superhero fans - unless you happen to be female and want a female character to have your head printed on. » 9/19/14 11:00am Yesterday 11:00am

This Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Replica is not a real energy source

Ever needed to power your very own Flux Capacitor? Got any waste lying around that you need turning into exactly 1.21 Gigawatts of time-travelling energy? Well fear no more! Actually, do, because this new Mr. Fusion Replica won't actually help you with those problems. » 9/18/14 5:00pm Thursday 5:00pm

Redesigning the MSD of Star Trek's USS Voyager

Star Trek Online's upcoming expansion firmly puts the focus on Star Trek: Voyager. Alongside returning to the Delta Quadrant, the Art team have had to tweak the ship's LCARS cutaway schematics to better suit their needs - giving us our best ever look at the inner workings of the Federation's finest Intrepid-Class ship. » 9/18/14 3:00pm Thursday 3:00pm

Marvel and DC on the need (or lack thereof) for a Shared Universe

After years of superhero films dominating the box office, this Autumn sees the Hero craze dominate TV, with 6 series coming to our screens. In a new in-depth piece for Variety covering the rise of Superheroic TV, both Marvel and DC have made interesting comments for and against tying TV and the big screen together. » 9/18/14 9:00am Thursday 9:00am

The 10 Most Bizarre Alt-Universe versions of Spider-Man

Spider-Verse is coming! Marvel's latest event series will see all kinds of Spider-Men ( and Spider-Women!) unite across realities to face a common foe. There's been so many different Spider-Man heroes over the years - here's just 10 of the strangest to have ever donned the Spidey suit. » 9/17/14 3:00pm Wednesday 3:00pm

Star Trek's latest comic crossover begins this December

Two years ago, Star Trek crossed over with Doctor Who to fantastic effect, but earlier this year we found out the franchise is crossing over with a very different Doctor: Doctor Zaius. And now we know that Klingons, Apes, and the crew of the Enterprise will clash starting this December! » 9/17/14 11:00am Wednesday 11:00am

You're gonna have to wait 7 months if you want this Flash action figure

It's only a couple more weeks until The Flash lands on The CW - and we're pretty excited for it. But if you were looking forward to having the TV version of Barry Allen kicking around on your shelf or on your desk... you'll be waiting a while. A while that's totally inappropriate for a toy based on the fastest man… » 9/16/14 5:00pm Tuesday 5:00pm