Just £10,000 can now get you a full-body morphsuit Tattoo, because WHY

Morphsuits have become an easy and relatively cheap way of getting a costume together - but have you ever thought about skipping the spandex and just tattooing the suit onto your body? No? Well, if you ever do and have ten grand to spare, the original company behind the morphsuit offer such a service. » 10/23/14 5:00pm Yesterday 5:00pm

Baymax is the star in these gorgeous Big Hero 6 posters

It won't be long before Big Hero 6 makes its way into cinemas now, and we can't wait to see Baymax and pals in action from all the clips we've seen - and now you can get even more excited thanks to Poster Posse's awesome ongoing art project based around the movie. » 10/23/14 1:00pm Yesterday 1:00pm

These 'sexy' Lord of the Rings costume designs aren't what you'd expect

It's less than 10 days to go till Halloween, and that means there's weird, wonderful and just plain awful 'sexy' costumes out on shelves everywhere - but this trio of lovely Lord of the Rings-themed designs by MJ Alexander are for characters who don't usually get the Sexy treatment. » 10/22/14 5:00pm Wednesday 5:00pm

Why Adaptations changing things up can be a good thing

Game of Thrones' book reading fans were given a bit of a shock yesterday when set pictures from the TV show's upcoming season revealed another huge change from the source material - but amid the concern, there was some hope. Sometimes, change can do us all some good when it comes to adapting our favourite works. » 10/22/14 3:00pm Wednesday 3:00pm

Toys R Us pulls Breaking Bad figures from sale after angry petition

As the collector's market for action figures has grown, it's been unsurprising to see the rise of toys based on 'adult' properties - almost everything has action figures these days. But after a Florida mother saw Breaking Bad toys in her local Toys R Us, media attention has seen the figures pulled from shelves. » 10/22/14 1:00pm Wednesday 1:00pm

Alex Ross' Star Wars #1 cover is a beautiful tribute to Marvel's past

Marvel takes over Star Wars comics next year with the release of its new ongoing series, and naturally there's a lot of variant covers planned for issue one - we've already seen Joe Quesada's jam-packed cover, but Alex Ross' is a truly special bit of art. » 10/22/14 9:00am Wednesday 9:00am

What if WALL·E was cut like a Christopher Nolan film?

You might not think it at first, but WALL-E and Interstellar share some similarities in their premise - what with a ruined Earth being abandoned by Humanity for pastures new among the stars. But their realities become even closer in this trailer that shows you just how editing can completely change a movie's tone. » 10/21/14 11:00am Tuesday 11:00am

Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy's Awesome Mix is releasing on Cassette

Peter Quill's aptly titled Awesome Mix has rocked the charts this year across a variety of formats, from Digital to CD to even multiple Vinyl pressings, but Guardian fans always asked - when is it coming to tape? Well, now you have your answer: The Awesome Mix is coming to its true home format next month. » 10/21/14 9:00am Tuesday 9:00am

11 of the Rarest Figures and Collectible Cards you can find

You might never have really thought about it as a kid, but the toys and Collectible cards of your childhood might be worth more today - a lot more, considering the internet's viral reaction to a collector finding an ultra-valuable Magic card last week. Here's 11 Cards and Figures that are worth a pretty penny today. » 10/20/14 3:35pm Monday 3:35pm

You can already buy the TARDIS' latest look

Well, that was quick. This past weekend's episode of Doctor Who, Flatline, saw The Doctor's timeship display a new ability to protect itself from imminent destruction - Siege Mode, which turned the TARDIS into a teeny, nigh on invincible Gallifreyan cube. Now you can buy a Siege Mode TARDIS of your very own! » 10/20/14 11:00am Monday 11:00am