Holy crap. I just finished Asura's Wrath (and its slightly-egregious-but-must-have-experience 'True Ending' DLC). And it's amazing! It's basically an interactive anime - like, extremely so, there's even a hot springs scene, and the fact you have to buy the 'real' ending is so like the standard of rerelasing an Anime series with an extra 'True Ending' episode exclusive to the box set, you can't help but laugh rather than be really annoyed! - with a really interesting aesthetic that's sort of Japanese folklore meets Buddhist and Hindu Imagery meets Sci-fi epic.

It's got a fantastic voice cast, a stellar soundtrack, amazing presentation, and the story (it'd be reductive to say 'Japanese God of War', but that's a vague approximation) it tells is actually quite touching and rather unexpected considering how over the top it can get.

You should play it. One of the biggest pleasant surprises I've had in games in a while.

(The included image is of a boss fight about an hour or so into the game. You're under that finger. It's not even the craziest thing that happens in the game.)