Hey, this is pretty cool - Big Finish are running a 2 week deal on their awesome NuWho-inspired range of Eighth Doctor audio plays, The New Eighth Doctor Adventures, where you can grab every release, either on CD or digitally, for £5 each instead of the usual £12.


I'd recommend these to anyone who loves NuWho but hasn't really dipped into Classic Doctor Who, or has hang ups about watching the older episodes - there's 4 seasons of pretty awesome Who material there, and it's all done in a way that feels very much in the style and pace of the 2005 reboot. Plus, Paul McGann is a fantastic Doctor on audio, and Sheridan Smith is down right amazing as his companion Lucie Miller.

If you want to hear a sample, Big Finish are currently streaming the first half of one of the older episodes, Max Warp (where The Doctor and Lucie investigate murder on the set of... well, Space Top Gear, actually!), for free as a podcast.

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