Bu-WHA!? More casting news for An Adventure in Space and Time - but this time it's not quite something I expected.


Reece Shearsmith, best known for his work (with Mark Gatiss, of course) on The League of Gentlemen, has been revealed to be in the upcoming drama... as Patrick Troughton. Pretty interesting stuff - especially as they've not gone with a likeness casting, like they've done with Bradley, Raines, Cox, et. al.

I'm starting to wonder if all these scenes will be part of some montage of Doctor Who's future, with stuff like this and the filming of The Dalek Invasion of Earth shots revealed yesterday, and now the handover to Patrick in The Tenth Planet, at the end of the drama. Still, here's another picture of David Bradley and Lesley Manville as the Hartnells for you to admire whilst you mull on this news!

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