So. It's my Birthday. Apart from finding a developing shock of white hairs vaguely where my parting is (Up side? I could turn into Sephiroth. Down side? Oh god I'm 22 and I feel like thissssss), it's been alright.

My family got me Metal Gear Rising, a cool book about Star Wars action figures - no, really, it's cool, I swear! - and the Doctor Who: Dark Eyes Audio series. But these bad boys are my gift from me, to me. Managed to get them dirt cheap individually off eBay - because man, at retail, Lego is EXPENSIVE! - in anticipation of the release of Jabba's Sail Barge later this year. So, in an ultra nerdy development to my decor, soon enough I shall have a Lego tribute to the opening hour of Return of the Jedi on my shelves. Maybe I'm just having an early life crisis? Who knows.


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