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Walked into Forbidden Planet (Don't know if that' s known quantity in the US, but basically it's a chain of comic/nerd shops in the UK), requested the cashier guy if I could have a look at the Play Arts Kai Garrus Vakarian sitting on the shelf behind him.


Guy gets up on the stepladder, looks at the shelf, with boxes of Shepards, Ashleys, and Garruses (Garrusi?) sitting on it. He umms and ahs, looking at the pictures on the cover... then picks up the Ashley, and before I had the heart to tell him just how horrifyingly wrong a box choice he'd made, he's back down the ladder and standing in front of me, holding this Ashley (and man, by the way, that Ashley is a truly, horrifyingly bad figure in the first place), looking at me with the most earnest eyes. Suffice to say, the rest of the transaction after I told him that Garrus was the 'lizardy-bird one', was rather awkward.

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