Guys, Assassin's Creed III is the worst Assassin's Creed game. However, it is actually the best Homestead Management Sim I've ever played. TRADE ALL THE PELTS. Seriously, why isn't that the full game? Fuck american history and stabbing dudes. MORE LAND CONVOYS. (I lied about it being the worst. It's actually pretty good. BUT MORE LAND CONVOYS!)

What I actually wanted to ask from people who've played it (specifically, you yankee doodles), now that I'm actually past the 7 hour tutorial process and into the actual game - how crazy is that, by the way - is how you feel about playing an AC game wrapped up around, arguably, the most important point in your own History.

It's been interesting for me so far as an Englishman and as someone who only knows a bit about the events of the Revolution - I've studied the period, but from a European history perspective rather than an American one. Even if it can be a bit on the nose with the sides it's taking (having Connor scrawl out 'TEMPLARS = LOYALISTS' on his target wall really doesn't bode well for Ubisoft's 'we're not taking one side or the other! Go stab some redcoats, eh?' pre-release stance), learning a little about the rise of Anti-british groups like the Sons of Liberty or legislature like the Stamp Act and the Coercive Acts has been quite interesting. I imagine a lot of this is old hat to you American niners, because this is the History you're taught in your schools, but is it odd to be playing through events like the Boston Tea Party, or Paul Revere's ride, as it's so close to home, history wise? Or is it weird to be seeing stuff in this important period being told through a slightly Alt-history viewpoint, with the Assassin/Templar conflict as the lens?